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    Erwin Horn - Organ Works by Horn, Bach, Franck, Bruckner (19

    Music : Classical : Lossless

    Release Year: 1985
    Label: Mitra Records
    Genre: Classical Romantic Organ Music
    Format: 12" Black Vinyl
    (DMM - Direct Metal Mastering)
    LP Condition: Mint


    01 - Bruckner - Scherzo der Nullten Symphonie
    02 - Bruckner - Adagio der Siebten Symphonie
    03 - J. S. Bach - Fantasie C-Molll BWV 562
    04 - Cesar Franck - Offertoire funebre fis-moll
    05 - Cesar Franck - Grand Choeur Es-Dur
    06 - Erwin Horn - Sinfonisches Scherzo

    Erwin Horn (born 1940) was porfessor at the Wuerzburg/Bavaria Music Conservatory and an authority on everything Anton Bruckner related. For example, Horn transcribed some of Bruckner's and Wagner's orchestral works for the organ. This lp - only ever issued on :vinyl: - assembles 2 movements of Bruckner Symphonies (as transcribed and played by Erwin Horn himself). The Scherzo of the "Symphony No. 0" as well as the transcription of Bruckner's 7th symphony's 2nd Movement (Adagio) are true highlights. With Bruckner having been famous as organist long before he was successful as a composer you can imagine the way he put those mindblowing orchestral pieces together as symphonies.

    Also the Bach Fantasy included in this recording is a well-known piece of music that gets played by many temporary organists.

    Both Cesar Franck tracks are pretty unknown. They're both part of a traditional French Organ Mass, beautifully played.

    At last, the Erwin Horn composition at the end of the record showcases the man's capabilities once again. He also composed a Fantasy on 2 motives of Bruckner symphonies, leading into gorgeous improvizsation (to reveal the importance the instrument had for Bruckner himself).

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure you wont find this little gem easily anywhere else. Its sound is stunning, to express it mildly ... be aware of extreme dynamics and frequency ranges. I did my best to make it sound as perfect as possible and spent a couple of afternoons and evenings being busy with this rip ... let me know if you find any disturbances left.

    ... and now ... go kill your speakers!

    Hardware, Software & Procedure

    Pro-Ject rpm 9.1 Acryl Turntable
    Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution Tonearm
    Ortofon Valencia Classic Cartridge
    Magnat RV-2 Vacuum Tube Amplifier
    Roland Quad-Capture UA-55 Audio Interface
    Goldkabel Interconnects

    Recorded and edited with WaveLab 6
    (at 96/32 float with a headroom of 6DB, no DC Offset, no Clipping or Glitches).
    ClickRepair 3.4 for Declicking at 10 (Decrackle off).
    RX Advanced 2 for manual declicking, resampling and dithering to 16/44.
    All files edited at 96/32 float and Peaks boosted to -0.3 DB before splitting into separate files.
    24bit Files encoded to Flac level 8 with DBPoweramp.
    16bit Files encoded fo Flac level 8 (sector boundaries aligned) with FlacFrontend.
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