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    Receptacle Doctor Who TV Comic Scans + More 60's and 70's Bo

    Comics : Sci-Fi : English
    [Edit: No idea how it happened, but the file '056-060TvComicSeason6b' has had its extension renamed .cbz, when it should be .cbr. If you're not sure how to change it back, you can use something simple like Extension Changer from http://tinyurl.com/Extensionchanger to change it yourself.]

    [Edit 21 Dec 2009 - If no seeds (or you require the correct Season6b file) try here - the new Receptacle Project page. Newer things appear here too - www.mediafire.com/dwtvc ]

    The Receptacle Group was set up 5 years ago to help with the 'lost world' of Doctor Who - the non-reprinted, long unseen books and magazines which didnt deserve to only sit quietly unseen.

    A spiffing group of collecting fans kindly scanned some of their old, rare and more than often expensive collections to bring them to a newer audience. Hopefully finding more unexpected gems along the way.. which we did.

    Collected here are some of the more rare works, most of which have been on demonoid before, but who's seeds have long gone.

    Most files also contain information text pertaining to the books/magazines or comics contained in each file.

    Although the 'Receptacle Project' wasn't just a case of scanning items already in collections, but also of trying to track items down, especially individual issues of TV Comic to try and complete stories, which sometimes cost a small fortune. We havent been scanning anything which has been easy to find - (well, maybe one or 2 things in here..)

    Unfortunately, even the scanning of 30 and 40 year old rare books and magazines is a 'grey area' in the real world. We're not in this business to take monies away from the various owners of the 'Doctor Who' and related Trademarks. Hopefully we've brought more interest to this world of mostly unseen works, so that publishers, such as Panini, will consider bringing out official versions.

    Anyway, I know we fly under a legal flag of 'Pirates', but after we've taken years to track these things down, when people strip out credits/text to make out as if they're their own files, and when arseholes try to make money from our scans on ebay and ioffer.. well, you get the drift. So nothing 'new' has appeared for quite a while now. We're not making the effort for others to come along and take credit and cash.

    Please have these for free from here. We'll have to see what the future holds.

    As to the files: Not going to do an indepth run down of what's in here, but there are a whole host of non-reprinted TV Comic Dr Who strips. My particular favourites being the colour Troughton strips (No's 035 to 047).

    There are the lovely card sets from Walls Ice Cream and Cadet Sweet Cigarettes.. and the original 1970's Top Trumps type set. The three 1970's Dr Who Holiday Specials.. a Jon Pertwee colouring book - which looks like it has a narrative.. but you'll have to make it up yourself! And lots of other things... Look in the 'files' bit to see all 41.

    And for Dr Who Stripping fans... new Collected 7th Doctor strips, part one just out...

    a snip at £11.19 on Amazon
    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Doctor-Who-Cold-Day-Hell/dp/1846534100/ or £11.99 at Play.com

    More volumes from Amazon here - http://tinyurl.com/PaniniDWCollectedWorks

    And one to watch out for in the near future. It has come to our attension that Paul Scoones, creator of the New Zealand DW TSV Fan Club http://nzdwfc.tetrap.com/ has been researching and writing a 'Comic Strip Companion' guide book. The first indepth look into the strips from day one in November 1964 to present day. And the first volume will be concentrating on the TV Comic years, and other pre-DWW/DWM strips.

    Be Good... And this torrent will take me a couple of days to seed when I'm not at work.. so be patient!