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    Applications : Windows : English

    This is a clean unaltered copy of my ORIGINAL retail 32bit Vista disc (photo above is of my 64bit disc, obviously).
    You'll have to provide your own key for activation (or, just click here).

    Unlike Windows products that preceded Vista:

    Quote from this thread:
    Quote:After further PM's from some torrent creators and people from other forums I frequent, Here is the deal:

    1. The are no Retail or OEM copies of Vista.
    One person I talked with said this. "Every Vista DVD I've encountered, regardless of what version was printed on it (the label), were byte for byte identical."
    That means, every disc contains ALL versions of Vista. Every 64 bit disc = every other 64 bit disc. The same holds for the 32 bit discs.
    2. The key you input while activating / installing determines the version of the OS that gets installed.
    3. The keys are NOT architecture specific. A 32 bit key will work just fine for activating a 64 bit install.
    4. (This kind of ties in with 1.) There may be upgrade-only versions of the disc out there. The people I've talked to haven't encountered them yet.
    That, or the keys themselves determine if a full/fresh install or just an upgrade is possible. :-\

    All that said, here is the process I was told to go through to reinstall Vista on my bosses' store-bought machine, with his COA key and my store-bought Vista Ultimate DVD:

    1. Boot the machine from the install disc.
    2. When prompted, do NOT provide a key.
    I also unchecked the box to " Automatically activate Windows when I'm online. "
    I had to click " No " a second time, verifying my choice to not input a key.
    3. Select the version of Vista to be installed from a list.
    This depends on the key you've got. In my case, the COA sticker contains a Vista Home Premium key.
    HOMEBASICN, HOMEBUSINESSN and STARTER are only for countries in the EU from what I've been led to understand.
    4. Place a checkmark in the " I've selected the edition of Windows that I've purchased " box.
    5. From here the install is pretty much SOP.
    6. When finally installed, click the Start Orb, right-click " Computer " and select " Properties ".
    7. In that window, look near the bottom and you'll see the option to activate.
    8. Input your key from the COA and activate away!
    You may have to activate by phone. I didn't, but I did have to try twice before activation "took". It may have had something to do with my network setting up the "new" computer, however... :-\

    Note that I booted from the install disc.
    I've been told that if you simply boot to the Desktop normally and then start the reinstall, the upgrade option will present itself just after Step 4, above.